We deal in 100% Cotton Carded Yarn, Combed Yarn, Siro Yarn, Melanges Yarns, Open End Yarn, Blended Yarn, Slub Yarn, Stretched Yarn, BCI yarn, Organic Yarn, Synthetic Yarn for Knitting & Weaving in both Single & Multifold, Grey Fabrics & Towels.

PAKISTAN is the 8th largest exporter of textile products in Asia.  It is 4th largest producer and 3rd largest consumer of cotton.  It comprises of 46% of the total manufacturing sector and provides employment to 40% of the total labor force.  5% of the total textile companies are listed on the stock exchange. There are 423 textile industries working in the country.  The industry consists of 11.3 million spindles, 3 million rotors, 350,000 power looms, 18,000 knitting machines and processing capacity of 5.2 billion square meters.

YARNHOUSE.PK is purely Pakistani yarn buying house; Offering following Yarns from 50+ Pakistani Spinning Mills & Brands.

·         100% Cotton Carded Yarn

·         100% Cotton SIRO Yarn

·         100% Cotton Combed Yarn

·         Combed Compact Yarn

·         Slub, Siro Slub & Lycra Slub

·         Super Stretch Yarn

·         Wool Blended Yarn

·         Organic Cotton Yarn

·         PC & CVC Blended Yarn

·         Melanges Yarn

·         Bleached & Dyed Yarn

·         Zero Twisted Yarn

·         Re-Generated Fiber Yarn

·         Synthetic Fiber Yarn