Yarn House is best choice for sourcing of Bath Towels. The humble bath towel is easy to overlook. A good one will dry you off and be forgotten till tomorrow. A great one is luxurious, a cozy bright spot in an otherwise mundane routine. We’ve researched hundreds of towels and tested dozens, and we’ve recommended the best manufacturers for you. 
The Bath Towel that is the softest, warmest, and most comfortable. Feels luxe and substantial, like a high-quality hotel towel. With each wash felt fuller and plusher. 

How We Test Towels


Towels are anything but standard, which is why we actually measure every towel we test.

Wash, dry, repeat

We wash and dry all towels for a first time, check for shrinkage or fraying, and then wash again 4 more times throughout testing.

Shower time

We use each towel after showering, assess how well it dries, how soft or rough it feels, and how it covers different-sized bodies.

No soggy towels

Wet time how long it takes for our wet test towels to fully air-dry in our bathrooms.